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Our physicians and clinical research staff have years of combined experience conducting clinical research studies. They undergo ongoing clinical training and testing, and are certified in the Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and HIPAA regulations that apply to clinical research.

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RYH clinical trials staff operate under strict HIPAA guidelines. Your personal information is not shared without your express permission. We will never sell your information to another company.

Research Your Health study volunteers are furthering the research and discovery of new, investigational medical and aesthetic treatments, and may have the opportunity to receive those treatments before they are available to the general public. Most study sponsors compensate subjects for their time and travel to attend study visits.

When RYH begins a new medical research study, we check our opt-in list for people who may qualify for  the new trial. If you have signed up and expressed interest in a particular type of study (Tyoe 2 Diabetes, for example), we will contact you when a Type 2 Diabetes study is about to be enrolling at our center(s). We may also post information about studies on our website, but will likely screen first from our list of opt-in candidates. Some of our studies fill up so fast that we don't have to advertise for them!
How to Join our Opt-in List  to be Contacted for Future RYH Studies.

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