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About the Investigational Vaccine

The NextCOVE Study is testing mRNA-1283.222, one of Moderna's bivalent (addressing multiple viral strains at the same time) COVID-19 investigational vaccines that may protect people from getting sick if they come into contact with the virus that causes COVID-19 and multiple variants, including the Omicron variant. Moderna will be evaluating this investigational vaccine as a booster dose in children and adults to learn more about how it works in the body.

Normally, vaccines for viruses are made from a weakened or inactive (not live) virus, but the mRNA-1283.222 investigational vaccine is different. It is made from messenger RNA (mRNA), an instructional molecule that naturally occurs in the body and tells cells how to make protein. The goal of this vaccine is for the protein to trigger the body's immune system to create the antibodies it needs to fight the real SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19.

You or your child, along with up to 8,471 other individuals, will be helping researchers learn more about Moderna's investigational vaccine that may help protect people from getting sick if they come into contact with the virus that causes COVID-19, including its Omicron variant. You or your child's participation could contribute to a potential solution to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the entire world.

To Learn more, visit NextCOVEStudy.com or contact the participating site listed here:

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