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The Paid Moderna NextCOVE mRNA Covid Vaccine Study (Ages 12 and Up) at Research Your Health, Plano Texas.

We need teens age 12-17 to take part in a clinical trial for a new investigational COVID-19 vaccine

Kids are social. Once a teen catches #COVID19, it can be like a domino effect that disrupts routines & livelihoods. Teens are usually thought of as very healthy. But they can catch and spread COVID19 to friends and family who are vulnerable to getting very sick. The Sparrow Study is testing an updated, non-mRNA vaccine for ages 12-17.

The Sparrow Study is testing a traditional, protein-based (non-mRNA) vaccine, updated for Fall. We want clinical trials that look like all our communities so that new #vaccines can help all our communities. Joining a clinical trial helps advance new #vaccines that can help people all around the world.

When people enroll in a clinical trial, they often want to be sure they're getting "the real thing." In the Sparrow Study, everyone gets active #vaccine.

There is no cost to participate in the Sparrow Study - a non-mRNA #COVID-19 vaccine, updated for Fall. Participants are compensated. 

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