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Do You or a Family Member Suffer from Heavy Perspiration?

Research Your Health will soon be conducting an investigational study of a topical treatment for excessive sweating. Qualified study participants will be male or females 22 years of age or older who sweat excessively in the underarm (armpit) area so much that it interferes with their daily life.

Participants in the study will have a screening visit, a treatment visit approximately 72 hours later, and 8 followup visits over 12 weeks (approximately 3 months) following the investigational topical treatment.

Qualified participants will receive up to $725 if they complete all electronic surveys, follow-up phone calls, and required visits in a timely manner.

Please sign up on this page to be contacted with more information once this study begins at our Plano, Texas center.

Call 972-999-1155, ext. 101 to Schedule


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