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Are You Interested in a Clinical Study for an Investigational COVID-19 Vaccine?

The COVID-19 Vaccine Study is a Phase 3 study to evaluate whether the investigational COVID-19 vaccine, given in 2 doses 21 days apart, is safe and effective in preventing COVID-19. The Phase 3 portion of this study is to enroll approximately 30,000 subjects who are generally representative of the study population groups in terms of racial and ethnic diversity and to include those at highest risk for severe COVID-19 disease (i.e. the elderly and those with significant comorbidities).

In this study the investigational vaccine will be compared to a placebo vaccine (a vaccine that looks like the study vaccine but contains no active ingredient). Partcipants will receive 2 doses of the study vaccine and 2 doses of the placebo vaccine. You will not know when you are receiving the placebo or the investigational vaccine. All participants will be assigned to receive the study vaccine AND the vaccine during their participation.

The investigational vaccine and the placebo vaccine will be given in 2 doses (21 days apart). Study staff will contact you multiple times to monitor development of COVID-19-related symptoms after your vaccines and will also call you at the end of the study.

All study-related visits, tests and care, along with the study vaccine will be provided at no cost to you. The study will involve up to 10 planned visits to the clinic for up to approximately 26 months. Participants who qualify to take part in the study will receive compensation (between $725 to $1000), depending on the number of completed visits) for time and travel.

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